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In short, we use SMS/Whatapps messages to reach your target audience with a radius of your business. In this way, people know that your offer is real (they have seen your shop), proximity advantage. People in general like convenience. New businesses benefits by reaching their audience within the neighborhood.

Precision Marketing

About the course

The use of emoji to get your target customer to response to your ads are 10X more effective and engaging. Emojis are widely use on text messenger, social media platform like Facebook, Instagram Twitter and Pinterest. You just need to sit back and watch your audiences emoji back to place an order. See case study video on how Domino pizza get people to place pizza order using emoji.

Emoji Marketing

About the course

Unconventional Marketing

Stop doing what 90% of what people tell you to do to market your products and services. Work with us and see how your business can transform in the shortest time possible. The side effects are:

You do not need to depend on paid ads traffic anymore

Lowest marketing cost and no more 'pray per click'

Growing a extremely targeted fan base locally